HAIR STYLING: festival fun

HAIR STYLING: festival fun

It’s almost festival season overseas and as we eagerly anticipate and pore over all the Coachella looks (watch this space…) here are a few tips for festival worthy hair as we celebrate the last of the warm sunny days. Our team of best hairdressers in Nundah love nothing more than creating the best styles for you in the Helmet Hair Co salon, but we also love to see you get creative as well! Here we select a few key products to ensure you get the most amazing bohemian locks possible.

Festival hair is all about undone texture and fun embellishment. Hair that looks effortless and cool, like you just pulled it up into that loose topknot or your friend causally braided it for you without a second thought. In reality it can take a little more effort than that, but with the these products you are definitely on the right track.

This handy little product is your go-to to help create maximum volume in thin hair, and gritty texture in all hair. Apply at the roots to build intense height by spraying sparingly and using fingers to work in- you will feel the difference instantly. Work through the rest of the hair for added texture and to help shape the final look.

If you are thinking, really? A mousse?! Never fear – mousses today are nothing like they used to be! Gone are the crunchy foamy disasters of the 80’s and 90’s and instead now your get touchable but firm hold finishes. This formula envelops the fiber to thicken strands for all over volume and body without weight. Plus, it has UV and heat protection.

Nothing says festival hair like beachy textured locks and this cult favourite is the perfect tool to get them. It’s great for keeping hair out and loose but it also helps add texture to hair before it is put into braids or topknots so it’s a great all-rounder. It also has an amazing unisex scent so it is great to pop in your bag to use to refresh as required as it can be sprayed straight into dry hair.

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