GIRL CRUSH: sophie turner

GIRL CRUSH: sophie turner

Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, we think we can all agree that Sophie Turner was a hair standout. As we mourn the end of the series, we can take solace in the image of Sansa Stark taking her rightful place in the North with her trademark red locks perfectly in place. Here at the best hair salon Brisbane, our team are paying tribute to this stunning English actress and her best haircuts, hair colours and hair styles.

Sophie started on Game of Thrones 10 years ago when she was just 14 years old. Back then her hair was just as amazing, but we loved watching throughout the series as it was used as a stunning accessory. Like with many GOT actresses, her hair was braided and twisted and twirled to create intricate and ethereal looks that inspired many a Helmet Hair Co. salon creation. Now she is the queen of the red carpet thanks to her star turn as Dark Phoenix in the X-Men series and we have loved every look.

Here the best hairdressers in Wilston profile the best looks from Sophie Turner.

Futuristic Chic

Love this look on Sophie as it shows she loves to make a big statement on the carpet and doesn’t always need to play it safe. This hair has been slicked back at the crown and swept behind the ears. It’s a flattering look as the hair is pulled fairly loosely over to one side, giving a hint of a side part and allowing the hair to have more movement than being pulled harshly back. The lengths are kept softer and less wet to maximise shine.

Pretty Pony

With her masses of hair, this pony is a stunning way to frame her delicate features. The key is in the perfect height which helps lift the hair along with the thickness of the length allowing it fall back around her shoulders. The hint of curl at the ends softens the look further and gives it a subtle 70’s vibe. Stunning.

Glitter Girl

When it comes to carpets, nowhere can you have more fun than the Met Gala. Here Sophie went for it with her glitter encrusted take on one her favourite styles. This shows how having a little fun with accessories can transform a standard look into something very special.

Hollywood Glam

It’s simple, it’s understated and it’s old world glamour at it’s finest. We love these perfectly glossy tumbling waves and deep side part. Rather than beachy curls, these waves are smooth and sleek and much more glamorous.

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