GIRL CRUSH: Burning Man Babes 2019

GIRL CRUSH: Burning Man Babes 2019

So, it’s that time of year again. The ultimate festival to end all festivals is over again and as usual we were wowed by some of the most outrageous fashion, hair and beauty yet. There is nothing like pouring over the incredible pics of this gathering that looks like it is taking place on another planet. The Playa, as the locals call it, is a dusty magical place that allows for creativity to run wild, and it inspires us every year!

Ah Burning Man, thanks for the inspo!


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Desert girl 🔥😎

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Burner girls 🔥🌬 @parishilton

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In 2019 there was one big hair trend that was seen on almost everyone. As practical as it is fun, the braid and the plait were spotted on models and celebs throughout the festival, but each was taken to the next level. These weren’t your typical braids, these were braids on steroids! Here are the key elements and a few pics of all the burners rocking the look;


Rather than just sticking with natural hair, masses of extensions were used to both add plenty of length, but also to provide colour contrast. There were plenty of platinum blondes woven into brunettes as well as some fun mermaid shades in blue and purple, or even some fluros, added for a feminine touch.

Braided Braids

Some were taken to a new dimension with triple layering. Each braid section was first braided before then being woven together, creating an incredible depth and pattern. This look is going to take a while but the end result is a show stopper!

Reverse French Braid

Most of the looks featured this more dramatic technique which give the hair more of a fun mohawk vibe. Also known as a Dutch braid this is a much stronger look and works particularly well with pigtail style duo braids to give extra definition and interest around the face. It’s an edgier style that you can get creative with.

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